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Rocca di Lonato: photo description (Rocca di Lonato)

Rocca di Lonato medieval castle, crowning the hill on the southern shore of lake Garda in the town of Lonato. This powerful fortress built in the 10th century, is today considered one of the most important military buildings of Lombardy. Irregular shape of the castle is 180 metres in length and approximately 45 metres in width. It consists of two structures located at different levels: directly with rocky at the top and the so-called Generals ' headquarters at the bottom. Despite the fact that the territory of Lonato has long been owned by the family of the Visconti and della Scala family, a walled mound of the castle is decorated with serrated battlements of Guelph.

In all likelihood, Rocca di Lonato was first built around the year 1000, when all the surrounding towns have erected fortifications to defend from the incursions of the barbarians. In the 15-16-th centuries the castle was rebuilt on the initiative of the family of Visconti. Changed several owners, the Rocca in the end fell into the hands of the Austrians, and then became a private possession. The military buildings were demolished, and the internal and external land turned into farmland. In 1912 the castle was declared a national monument. Later, in 1920, it was bought by the Senator Ugo da Como, who partially restored the building.

Since 1996, in the walls of the Rocca di Lonato is an Urban ornithological Museum which houses approximately 700 exhibits representing the bird life of lake Garda, as well as some exotic species. In addition, the castle regularly hosts conferences, weddings and theater productions.