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The Rocca di Urbisaglia: photos, description (Rocca di Urbisaglia)

The Rocca di Urbisaglia is a military fortress of the 16th century in the town of Urbisaglia in the Marche region of Central Italy, whose territory is situated also the ruins of medieval and ancient fortified walls. Its favorable geographic position, dominant over populated territory the valley of the river Fiastra, suggests that once in this place was the citadel of the ancient Roman city garrison Urbs Salvia. And when the city was attacked by barbarians, its population took refuge within the walls of the citadel.

In the 13th century the family of Abbracciamento, who ruled in Urbisaglia, gradually started to sell their holdings the municipality of Tolentino, and soon the whole town was at the mercy of the latter. In order to prevent riots among the residents Urbisaglia, Tolentino asked the Pope Alexander VI with a request to build a new fortress. Permission was granted, and in 1507-a year on the site of the ancient citadel grew up new castle. Then on garrison took up the first 12 soldiers.

Rocca di Urbisaglia has a trapezoidal shape, a long wall which faces in the opposite direction from the city's side for protection from possible attacks. In the corners there are four towers, also have a travel and a watchtower. The latter was originally the observation tower. Between the 12th and 15th centuries it has undergone some significant changes, and its current height is 24 meters lower than it was originally. The top of the tower, crowned with battlements Ghibellines, once had a gable roof, and the only entrance to it was possible through a wooden staircase that was removed in case of danger. Travel tower was protected on the North tower and dungeon, and had his own musket loopholes. The South tower was the most fortified because he was facing from the city and in the event of an attack first subjected to shelling. It at the base of the tower has traces of a Roman defensive wall. In the East tower, located inside the walls of the fortress, was used to store food and military equipment, and in the case of castle siege it can be used as a living space.