/ / The castle of San Leo: photo description (Castello San Leo)

The castle of San Leo: photo description (Castello San Leo)

The castle of San Leo, fortress, standing on the border of the Italian regions of Emilia-Romagna and Marche. The greatest he came to prominence as the place where breathed his last the legendary count of Cagliostro. Once the castle was the property of Federico da Montefeltro and his wife Battista Sforza - a kind of fortified aristocratic residence. Today within its walls a Museum.

The first fortification on the top of the mountain was built by the ancient Romans. In the Middle ages for the castle fiercely fought the Byzantines, the Goths, the Franks and the Lombards. Here 961-963-th years of the last Lombard king Berengar II of Italy, was besieged by Otto I of Saxony. About the middle of the 11th century in the region of Montefeltro - the ancient name of San Leo - settled graphs Montecopiolo who took his new name from the name of the area. Until the mid-15th century the Montefeltro family owned a castle - it was on the orders of Federico da Montefeltro in 1441, the year the structure was significantly altered. The new structure of the castle was allowed to make a dynamic counter-offensive in the event of a threat. The walls of the fortress were provided with artillery, and the inputs inside become inaccessible to enemy fire, due to military outposts.

In 1502, the year Cesare Borgia, with the support of Pope Alexander VI took possession of the castle, but not for long - a year later the castle was returned to the family of Montefeltro. However, in 1516, the year of the Florentine troops led by Antonio Ricasoli, besieged San Leo and commandeered the castle. Until 1631, the year the castle belonged to the family Della Rovere, who used it as a prison. Among the prisoners of the castle were revolutionary Felice Orsini and mystic and Freemason count Cagliostro.

The fortress itself consists of two separate parts - the old donjon with a square protrusion and a living area and a more modern round towers and massive walls connecting them. Tower, wall and the donjon is surrounded by the so-called Armory place. Today, the castle of San Leo is a Museum and art gallery.