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Sarriod de La Tour: photos, description (Sarriod de la Tour)

The sarriod de La Tour - old fairy-tale castle in the town of Saint-Pierre in the Italian region of Val d'aosta, now converted into a Museum. The exact origin of this castle, standing on the plain near the state highway is still not installed. The oldest part of the chapel and Central square tower, surrounded by defensive walls, probably refers to the 10-12-th centuries, as typical of valdostane castles of the period. In 1420, the year one Jean Sarriod ordered the construction near the tower, which was known as Turris, Aridorum, a real castle - for this purpose to the tower was added a few additional structures. At the same time was built a spiral staircase in the tower and added a cross-window of cut stone - these elements were typical of the architecture of the 15th century. In 1478, the year Antoine Sarriod de La Tour, son of John, was consecrated an ancient chapel dedicated to the virgin Mary and St. John the Evangelist and ordered him to paint its walls with frescoes depicting scenes of the Crucifixion. And the chapel was crowned with a small spire. I wonder what's inside are preserved fragments of frescoes of the 13th century, the most important are on the South wall: in the upper part you can see the Crucifixion in the lower image of the two saints, mermaids and grotesque shapes, and between the Windows - the adoration of the Magi.

The main hall of the castle - the so-called Room Heads have got its name from the ceiling supported by 171 bracket, carved in grotesque shapes - mythical monsters and animals with a family coat of arms. The creation of these figures dates back to around 1430, the year. Generally, the first mention of the Sarriod family, linked politically, but not by blood, with the lords of the bard dates back to the end of the 12th century.

At the end of the 15th century defensive walls of the Sarriod de La Tour was built round and semicircular towers, and on the West side was made a new entrance portal with pointed arches and arched with the arms of the family of Sarriod. Facing to the West wing of the castle was added in the 16th century and the North tower dates back to the 17th century. Part of the wall paintings and a fireplace with stucco is the creation of the masters of the 18th century. The castle remained in the ownership of the family of Sarriod de La Tour until 1923, when it passed to the family of Bence from Genoa, and from 1970, the year is owned by the government of the Autonomous region of Val d'aosta.