/ / St. Peter's castle: photos, description (Castel San Pietro)

St. Peter's castle: photos, description (Castel San Pietro)

St. Peter's castle, built on the hill of San Pietro in Verona is a fortress, standing on the site of the Roman temple. The construction site for the castle was not chosen by chance - a picturesque hill with views of the Adige river and the entire city, is the perfect strategic point. In the era of the iron age people lived here, as confirmed by archaeological excavations. In the era of Ancient Rome at the foot of the hill was built the first fortified structure, which controlled the crossing of the Adige, and later on the opposite Bank of the river the city appeared, which later became Verona. It is considered that dedicated to St. Peter Church, built here in the 8th century, stood on the site of the Roman temple, the ruins of which you can see until the early 19th century.

In the era of domination of the Venetian Republic, the castle of San Pietro with its internal buildings was the residence of the military commandant of the city. Serious restoration work was carried out in the early 17th century, in particular, has been renovated rooms for soldiers, and in 1703 was expanded barracks Marines - they can accommodate up to 460 people. Unfortunately, when in the early 19th century the city was in the hands of Napoleon's troops destroyed a large part of the castle and the Church and watch tower, the remains of which can still be seen in the walled city.

Between 1852 and 1858 years at the direction of the Austrian field Marshal Joseph Radetzky on the grounds of the castle were built barracks that exist to this day and bearing the telltale features of German architecture.

The wall surrounding the castle of San Pietro, due to the topography has an irregular elongated shape, with the Western and southern sides it is straight, and on the East is broken. Initially, the wall was fortified with 12 towers is visible on the masonry. Inside the northeast corner stood the tallest tower, now destroyed. Two gates, equipped with drawbridges, located on the Eastern and southern sides. To our days have survived the huge tank built in the 16th century and installed under the ground to provide soldiers with water - it was moved here from a ruined French Church of San Pietro.

In General, the castle of San Pietro, despite years of abandonment, well preserved: the people of Verona and the many tourists love to visit the small area in front of the castle and its surroundings turned into a public Park. In the 1920-ies was even built a funicular climbs to interested persons at the top of the hill, but for many years it does not work. Today, the walls of the castle held extensive restoration work, the completion of which there will be opened a new Museum.