/ / The Scaligero castle: photos, description (Castello dei Scaligeri)

The Scaligero castle: photos, description (Castello dei Scaligeri)

The Scaligero castle is a powerful fortress in Sirmione, surrounded by the waters of lake Garda and built in the second half of the 12th - beginning of 13th century as part of defensive structures around Verona for protection from attacks by Milan. Later, the castle became part of the Venetian Republic and was used to monitor the continental population. Once near the town of Peschiera was built another fortress, Rocca Scaliger has lost its significance and has long been turned into a warehouse. Only at the beginning of the 20th century it became the property of the government of Italy.

Today this fairy tale castle is open to the public, rises above the Spa Sirmione: it is surrounded by a moat, which is "patrolled" the swans and wild ducks. The castle is located in a strategically important place - with sushi it can be chosen only from one side. To get to it and today it is possible only via a drawbridge. Unfortunately, little has been preserved from the interior decoration of the castle and its grounds have not reached us in its original form, inside you can admire is that of unique medieval ramparts and views of lake Garda. Two crowned with the battlements of the tower make a lasting impression is a true symbol of the great power of Mastino della Scala I, during whose reign began the first phase of construction of the castle. In addition they preserved the main yard with another tower, three corner guard towers and two entrances. Later the secondary courtyard was laid out South of the main, as well as the small South gate.

I must say that along the shores of lake Garda and built several castles similar to Rocca Scaliger and built with the same defensive purpose. But perhaps the Scaligero castle is one of the best preserved in Italy.