/ / The Scaligero castle in Malcesine: photo description (Castello Scaligero)

The Scaligero castle in Malcesine: photo description (Castello Scaligero)

The Scaligero castle, situated on the North-Eastern shore of lake Garda in the small resort town of Malcesine in the province of Verona, is a medieval fortress built on the ruins of more ancient buildings. It stands on the narie lake, rocky promontory to the North-West from the historical centre of the city.

During its long history the castle changed its owners - they were the Lombards and the Franks, a powerful family of the Visconti and della Scala family, the Venetians, the French and the Austrians. Most likely, the first castle was built by the Lombards in the middle of the first Millennium. In 590 it was destroyed by the Franks, and he's the one they rebuilt in the early 9th century. Then, from 1277 1387 for years, it was the residence of the della Scala family.

European fame was given at the beginning of the 19th century once about him in his "Italian travels," wrote the great German poet Goethe, who put some self-made drawings. In order to sketch a military facility, Goethe gave up my freedom and even been arrested - he was taken as a spy. Today the castle houses a small Museum dedicated to the writer, and installed his bust.

In addition to the Goethe Museum in the halls of the Scaligero castle houses the Museum of natural history of lake Garda and Monte Baldo and the fishing Museum. And in recent years has become very popular to celebrate in the walls of an old fortress wedding and other celebrations.

In 1902, the Scaligero castle, as well as other eponymous castle in Torri del Benaco, was declared a national monument of Italy.