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The castle of Torre del Gallo: photo description (Torre del Gallo)

Torre del Gallo is a historical building in Florence, located on a Drunken de Giullari, in the hills of Arcetri, which offers a wonderful panorama of the city and its environs. In ancient times the building was part of a fortified castle standing on a hill near Florence. According to some historical documents, it belonged to a family of Gallo - emblem, made in the Gothic style, still visible on the stone next to the memorial plaque on one of the walls of the courtyard. Using the favorable location of his home, family Gallo extracted tribute from those who were headed to Florence, passing by their possessions. In 1280, the year the fortress was partially destroyed in the conflict between Guelphs and Ghibellines. Another damage was done in the mid-14th century, when the hills of Arcetri was devastated by condottieri John Hockwood. Later, the Torre del Gallo was sold to the family of Lambertesca that rebuilt it and resold it. From 1464 to 1941, the building was owned by the family Lanfredini.

Some time between the two world wars of the 20th century - the territory of the Torre del Gallo was abandoned. During the Second World war it housed the Institute of pharmacy and division of the national fascist party, and after the capture of the tower by the British - pow camp. It was then lost much of the ancient scenery. Today the Torre del Gallo is in private ownership.

In 1872, the year the building was opened a small Museum dedicated to Galileo Galilee, preserved portraits and busts of the scientist, and family values. Today, a large part of the collection exhibited in the Museum of the history of science Piazza dei Giudici.

The modern look of the Torre del Gallo is the result of restoration in the style of the middle Ages, which was held in 1904-1906, respectively, at the initiative of the famous antique dealer Stefano Bardini. Yard with three balconies (the creation of which is attributed to Brunelleschi) survived from the 15th century. Despite the fact that the outer building and the tower was completely rebuilt, their reconstruction used the old materials brought from the destroyed during the upgrade of the Florence buildings. At the beginning of the 20th century were also attached another courtyard, garden and loggia in Renaissance style. Attached building has long been used as a laboratory. Inside the Torre del Gallo, the use of building materials from various buildings and different eras, especially clearly noticeable - the Windows, columns, portals, fireplaces trying to recreate the feeling of antiquity, but, alas, not very convincing.