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Automobile Museum Toyota

Nagoya is known as one of the three largest industrial cities and centers of economic activity of Japan after the capital Tokyo and Osaka. Located in Nagoya textile, chemical, metallurgical industry and enterprises motor vehicle and engineering. The city is also known as the Japanese in Detroit and in the city of Toyota is located in Aichi Prefecture, located in the headquarters and several companies of the automotive concern Toyota Motor. To them only one hour drive from the center of the Prefecture, so in Nagoya and its suburbs fans of the Japanese automobile industry can visit three interesting objects - exhibition with new models, Museum of industry and technology and the Automobile Museum Toyota.

The exhibition hall is called Kaikan Exhibition Hall and introduces new automotive technologies. Automobile Museum Toyota's (or commemorative Museum of industry and technology) in Central Nagoya on the history of Toyota, which started with the production of textile machinery. Production of fabrics has helped the company to survive the economic crisis 50 years. Part of the exhibition of this Museum dedicated to the history of automobile production.

In the Car Museum Toyota the cars of Japanese, European and American origin, descended from the conveyor during the period from the end of the XIX century 60-ies of the last century - more than 150 exhibits on wheels.

In the Museum you can see how the most successful models of Toyota cars pre-war and post-war time, and trucks that the company produced during the Second World war to the Imperial army and which were produced in a very economical format. There is also the Museum models of racing cars, cars of small cars-prototypes of the Land Cruiser, and is well-known to many Russians car bestsellers Corona, Celica, Corolla and Camry.

Toyota Motor has another similar Museum which is located in the US, as half the production cars sold on the other side of the Pacific ocean.