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Yokohama Landmark Tower Landmark

The tallest building in the city's highest observation deck and world's fastest Elevator - all this characterizes the landmark Tower in Yokohama as one of the most modern skyscrapers in Japan. In addition, the tower not so long ago was still the tallest building in the world ever built on the island, but in 2003, the highest island became Taiwanese skyscraper Taipei 101.

The tower is located in Minato Mirai 21 (or "Port of the future XXI century"), which is considered one of the most successfully developing areas of Yokohama and the business center of the city. There are offices of major Japanese corporations, hotels, boutiques, entertainment and Convention centers. Near skyscraper is the Yokohama Museum of art. The project of Minato Mirai appeared in the 60-ies of the last century, and its basis was in the 80s. the landmark Tower was built in 1990-1993, its opening was timed to the tenth anniversary of the Minato Mirai. On the Bay of Yokohama, a whole complex of skyscrapers, with the bulk of the work here was used gravel and other materials gathered on the ruins that remained after the devastating earthquake of 1923. A skyscraper Landmark Tower Yokogama is the symbol of this district. Another name of the tower "the Tower-a landmark of Yokohama".

The height of the building is 296 meters, it is 73 floors above ground and three underground. In Japan it is the third tallest skyscraper. The lower 50 floors are offices, shops, clinics and restaurants of various cuisines. For the next 20 floors is a luxurious hotel where more than 600 rooms. The 69th floor is an observation deck Sky Garden ("heavenly garden") with all-round visibility, views of Yokohama Bay and the visitors watching from the height of 273 meters. So high they raised the lift moving at a speed of 12.5 meters per second to travel from the first floor to the last in about 40 seconds. In the lower part of the building are the remains of the old in Japan-stone Doc, which is more than 120 years and which was used for the construction of merchant ships.