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Fukuoka Tower

Fukuoka is a thriving city on the coast of the island of Kyushu, located in the North-Western part. It is considered the southern gateway to Japan, a country for many centuries penetrated the traditions of Chinese and Korean cultures. The city consists of several districts: the fashion center Nakasu, Fukuoka, where he lived a samurai, and Hakata shopping district.

In the coastal area Momochi there are many modern buildings - in particular, a stadium with an opening dome, home of the city baseball team, great resort "Falcon city", several museums including the city Museum and the Gas Museum of the Saib with a Gallery of flame. Here is the Fukuoka tower. It is the tallest building in Fukuoka, as well as the highest coastal tower in Japan. In the list of Japanese high-rise buildings it occupies 14-e a place.

Its construction was completed in 1989. The height of the entire tower is 234 meters. At the height of 116 to 123 metres three-level observation deck, where you can see the whole city and, in particular, the district Uminonakamichi, parks, beaches, numerous buildings and attractions. On the viewing platform with informational booths marked with various interesting objects. There is also a romantic area for lovers, covered with numerous snaps as a symbol of strong relations. On the lower observation deck is a cafe.

Outside Fukuoka tower is covered with mirrors, there are more than 8 thousand. Because of this structure was called the "Mirror sail". The tower has a triangular cross section. It was designed to withstand earthquakes of magnitude up to 7 points (can withstand a 6-point scale) and wind speeds of up to 65 m/s (aged 49 m/s).

In 1994, the tower was "destroyed" in the battle of two monsters, which took place in Japanese film about Godzilla.