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The name of Biei wear and a small town at the foot of mount Tokachi and located next to a small pond that attracts tourists from all over the world for its unusual blue color of water. Blue pond Biei is located on the left Bank of the river, Bigova on the island of Hokkaido.

It is remarkable, but this pond is not natural and artificial origin. After the eruption of volcano Tokachi in 1988 increased the danger of a descent from the mountains of mud flow in the direction of the city. It was therefore decided to build a dam, which opened the following year. After its construction in the forest began to accumulate water, and so formed a pond. His appearance did not cause much issues, but the causes of the unusual color of the water, also able to change colour, remain a mystery for the past quarter of a century.

Scientists are trying to explain this unique phenomenon, and according to one version, the particular color is obtained by mixing water from hot springs nearby, with the river water, which is saturated with the hydroxide of aluminum. Due to impurities, the water in the pond reflects the sunlight in different hours, when the sun's rays fall on water at different angles, takes on different shades - from bright turquoise to greenish-gray.

Mystery pond is added and the trunks of birches and larch trees which stick out of the water over the entire area of the reservoir. The size of the pond is small it can be explored on foot in half an hour. However, it attracts many photographers to catch in the lens of the changing color of the water.

The popularity of pond Biei increased after in 2012, Apple posted a picture of him, taken by photographer Kent Shiraishi, in their new operating system OS X Mountain Lion. In this picture captured on the shore of the pond Biei went first snow. In winter, the pond is no less attractive, as through a thin crust of ice translucent turquoise waters and sticking out of the water, the trees strewn with snow flakes.