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Great Buddha and kotoku-in temple

The famous Buddhist temple Kotoku-in, located in the Western part of the city, brought a huge bronze statue of Buddha. The age of the statue is more than eight centuries. First, a wooden statue was built in 1243 and since then is a symbol of Kamakura, one of the symbols and a national treasure of Japan. The height of the statue with the pedestal is 13.4 meters, her weight is 121 tons.

The image of Buddha appeared in kamakura by the first shogun ambitions karakumskogo government Minamoto-no-Yoritomo. Seeing in 1195 in the city of Nara ceremony in honor of the representation of the image of the Great Buddha after the reconstruction, he decided in his town to erect a monument that would symbolize the strength and power of the clan Minamoto. However, to implement his idea by the shogun did not - he died four years later. After his death, a court lady Inada, with the approval of the widow of the shogun and the support of a monk Dzeko, began to collect donations for the construction of the temple. In 1238 they failed to collect the necessary sum, and in five years the construction of the temple and statues were completed.

In the first version it was a statue of wood height of 24 meters, but in 1247 destroyed the storm. Inada and Dzeko again started a fundraiser. New construction began in 1252 and lasted 12 years. The statue this time was cast in bronze the two famous masters, Hisamoto Tanzi and Horomona It. Bronze Great Buddha stood as a rock before the impacts of disasters, but the temple, the building of which he was, was thrice destroyed. In 1334 and 1369 the years, the wooden structure was demolished typhoons, and in 1498 he was blown away, accompanying a strong earthquake. Since then, the Buddha, sitting under the open sky. Long hollow inside the statue was abandoned, and homeless found shelter in this building. In the XVIII century statue from destruction saved the monks of the Jodo sect, which collected donations for the reconstruction of the Great Buddha.

In 1923 the Kanto earthquake destroyed the base of the monument, which was repaired two years later. The last repair of the statue was made in 1960-1961 years - in particular, measures were taken to protect against earthquakes.

Today, the temple visitors can explore the statue from the inside, there is a special staircase.