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Resurrection Cathedral

Orthodox Cathedral of the Resurrection, or resurrection Cathedral, also known as "Nikolai-do". Was built in the late 19th century, and in 1962 he received the status of a monument of culture of Japan and protected by the state. Also has the status of a Cathedral of the Orthodox diocese of Tokyo is in force. It is a block of candidate-Surugadaj, Chiyoda.

The first Church was built in 1871 after the Orthodox mission headed by Archimandrite Nikolai (Kasatkin), moved to the Japanese capital. The Church was the house and very close. The construction of a new Church Bishop Nikolay (Kasatkin) raising funds, lecturing in different cities of Russia. He built a truly international team, the project's architect was the Russian architect Michael Shchurupov, the author of the design - the British Josiah Conder, and supervised the construction of Nagasato, Taisuke. Only twenty years later, in 1891, the Cathedral of the Resurrection was consecrated.

The Church was severely damaged during the earthquake in September 1923. Perelomova the bell tower fell on the dome of the temple, destroyed the sacristy and threw one of the entrances. The fire burned all the wooden snap of the building, Church utensils and bells were melted.

During the Second world war in order to disguise the building of the Cathedral painted in black color, and after the war worship had almost ceased, the building itself was in poor condition. Funds for its restoration began collecting in 1950.

In 70-e years of the XX century, the temple received the status of Cathedral of the Japanese Orthodox Church and was open for inspection. In the 90-ies in the temple for six years carried out a large-scale restoration, in 1998 the Cathedral was re-consecrated.

Today the Cathedral of the Resurrection is an example of Russian-Byzantine style. From the height of bird flight, the temple looks like a cross with narrow wings. The height of the temple to the highest point on the bell tower is 40 meters. Your ringing above the Japanese capital spread eight bells. Some of the icons of the Church are copies of works by Viktor Vasnetsov and Mikhail Nesterov. In the altar part there are three icons: the Mother of God "the Sign", Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel. The Cathedral can accommodate 2000 visitors.