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Fukuoka city Museum

Fukuoka has always been the southern gateway to Japan and a center of trade, only called in different times in different ways. In VI century the city was called On, in the XI century was renamed to Hakata (now called a district of the city). In 1601, the representative of the Kuroda clan built a castle called Fukuoka, and Hakata was the settlement it was renamed to Fukuoka.

City Museum Fukuoka is located in a coastal area Momochi, near Fukuoka tower. It can be easily recognized by the arched structures and the huge Windows. The Museum exhibits are spread across three exhibition halls. In two of them every two months, open new exhibitions. The third room, where a permanent exhibition introduces visitors to the history of education and culture of Fukuoka.

It is possible that on the territory of modern city was one of the first Japanese protagonist, his ruler got in ' 57 Golden seal and the title of Wang. Today, this print is one of the main values of the Museum is a national treasure.

This seal was found in April 1784 in the southern part of Honshu island is discovered in the land of two farmers. Researchers have yet to figure out how it got there, because in the 57th year of the Emperor of China Guan-di handed it to the Japanese Ambassador, that he brought the seal to his master, the ruler of the country In located in the Northern part of the island of Kyushu.

Gold print square shape weighs over a hundred grams. His discovery peasants passed through local officials to the Kuroda clan. Until the second half of the twentieth century the seal was kept in the Treasury of the clan, and then was transferred to Fukuoka in 1990 into a new city Museum. Like Golden seal was also found in China in 1981 in Jiangsu province and is dated 58.