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Children's Museum

A Museum where children are allowed all the exhibits to touch, pick up and even carry with them scientific experiments, was opened in Hiroshima in 1980 in the new building of the city children's library.

The children's Museum is located in the centre of the city, near the Convention center Green Arena and a Family pool. Near the Museum are also located concrete pad on which to train extreme athletes on skateboards and BMX bikes.

The four-storey building, except the library and Museum, and planetarium located on 340 places. The door to the planetarium is not accidental, since the main focus of the Museum is made in the study of astronomy. The diameter of the planetarium dome is 20 metres away, a program about the Universe to children and adults are demonstrated here with the help of modern projector.

The Museum introduces children and with other exact and natural Sciences. On the first floor of the building there is a race track on which to compete, driving a race car. Here children can learn about electric current, or to get into the maze that will lead them to the second floor of the Museum. At this level there are exhibits with which you can create different funny effects, to observe the reactions, to control the light and sound. In addition, the child can try yourself in the role of a driver of the controlled model train or play computer simulation games.

In the town library most of the books in Japanese, but there are books with so many illustrations, that the knowledge of Japanese or another language becomes quite important.

In the Museum regularly for the children there are workshops and other events dedicated to science as well as concerts, plays and musicals to do this, the building has a special room. Are available in the Museum science clubs - for example, the club lovers radio and a children's club Japan Institute of invention and innovation.