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Lake Balkhash

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Lake Balkhash is one of the natural attractions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which is considered to be the property of all people. It is located in the Eastern part of the country in three regions: Almaty, Zhambyl and Karaganda. On the North side of the pond is the Kazakh low hills, with the Western Betpak-Dala, and to the South stretch the Chu-ili mountains, sand saryesik-Atyrau and Taukum desert.

Balkhash is a semi-freshwater inland lake. This perennial saline lake in magnitude second only to the Caspian sea. In the list of the largest lakes in the world Balkhash is located on the honorary thirteenth place.

The lake by the narrow Strait is divided into two parts. Surprising is the fact that the water in these two parts differ in chemical composition. In the Western part of the Strait the water of the lake almost fresh, and in the East salty.

The shape of the lake reminds me of the Crescent. Its length is about 600 km and width - from 9 up to 74 km and the Total area of the Balkhash reaches 16.4 thousand sq km. the lake is fed by such rivers as: Or, Aksu, Lepsy, Karatal and Ayaguz. Translated from the Tatar language the name of the lake "Balks" translates as "swampy, covered with bumps terrain".

Until 1970-ies, when the river Or built a dam Kapchagay hydroelectric power station, which formed Kapchagai reservoir, the lake was famous for its clear waters and wealth of fauna. During reservoir filling the water balance of the lake was broken. The water level declined more than 2 m.

Today, the lake is home to such fish as Chub, roach, bream, carp, perch, Chub, catfish, carp and Zander. The shore of lake Balkhash are perfect for hunting. Here you can hunt for geese and grey ducks, mallards and coots. Also see hares, foxes, wolves and pheasants.

Lake Balkhash is famous as a popular place for recreation and water sports - rowing and Canoeing, sailing and sport fishing.