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The Monument "Kazakh Eli"

Photos and description

The monument "Kazakh Eli" is one of the attractions of Astana. The monument is located in the Central part of the city in Independence square, the Presidential Park and Millenium Park. The height of the white steles is 91 meters and this figure recalls the year when Kazakhstan became an independent Republic after the collapse of the USSR (1991). The name of the monument is translated from the Kazakh language means "country of the Kazakhs".

The concept of the architectural and sculptural complex was developed by leading scientists-historians, architects and sculptors of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The working process lasted about six months. The Grand opening of this unique complex was held on the eve of the 10th anniversary of the capital in the presence of the head of state. The monument represents the independence of the country, and became the property and pride of all its inhabitants. In clear Sunny weather, the monument "Kazakh Eli" just shines.

On top of the white columns you can see the gilded figure of a mythical bird called Samruk. In folk myths, this bird lives on top of the world tree, connecting the heavens, earth and underworld in one piece. The column stands on a square base, built of white marble. From all sides the base of the monument placed decorative niches with bas-reliefs illustrating the main points in the history of the finding of the state independence. One of them depicts the first Chapter of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Nursultan Nazarbayev. Just behind the stele is of white marble colonnade. According to the city authorities on the monument "Kazakh Eli" in Astana will soon be a new sculpture.

"Kazakh Eli" is not only the history of the Republic of Kazakhstan, but also a symbol of its future. The monument plays an important role in the Patriotic upbringing of the younger generation, is becoming the symbol of statehood.