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Suspension bridge

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A suspension bridge is a unique bridge in the city of Semey, built across the Irtysh river, is a prominent architectural landmark. He is the seventeenth in a row suspension bridge in the world and has no analogues.

The design consists of the suspension bridge, access roads and paths that connect the coast with small and large buildings in the city of Semipalatinsk. The project of construction of suspension bridge was designed by the Japanese company. The contract, drawn up in January 1998, the bridge project had to be completed for forty two months.

The construction of the bridge at the end of the last century and its opening became a real holiday for the local residents, because the previous two-lane crossing could not accept the ever-increasing flow of traffic and required urgent repair. With six lanes of traffic managed to unload the old bridge, the international route and Russian route Omsk-Novosibirsk.

The main design of the project is a suspension bridge with a span length 750 m and two access viaducts, each of which 168 m. On the suspension bridge there are two three-lane carriageways road width of 3.75 m each. The main bridge structure is made of steel. The project was economically viable and was implemented in a relatively short time.

After seven years of intensive use, it became known that the bridge is not on the city's balance sheet and about its condition no one cared. And only in 2007 during a visit to the city of Families delegation from the Japanese Bank for this scandalous fact came to the surface. It was then that the deputies of the city maslikhat officially recognized Semey suspension bridge, a strategic target and was planning to take it on balance of the Republican or regional budget. The maintenance of the bridge, as it turned out, it was very expensive. The life of the bridge without maintenance ended, and the problem with Kazakhstan's only suspension bridge had to be urgently addressed. By the end of 2015, it was decided to Finance the technical work from the regional budget.

Despite the problems of the suspension bridge across the Irtysh river all also considered a major architectural landmark and symbol of the city Families. At night the bridge lights, dozens of lanterns, making it even more festive and beautiful.