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The ili river is the largest river in Semirechye. River, a total length of 1439 km, originates in China. The name of the river comes from the Mongolian words "ilans", which translates as "glittering", "shimmering". The river was formed by the confluence of the Tekes and kunges, which originate in the mountains of Northern Tien Shan. The bed of the river Or has a huge number of channels, islets, covered with bushes and reeds. River, falling into lake Balkhash, it forms a wide Delta.

Near to Almaty Or artificial forms the Kapchagai reservoir and then flows into lake Balkhash. Kapchagay reservoir is often called the sea. The maximum depth of the reservoir is 45 m, width - 22 km. In the warm season it is a favorite place of recreation for local residents. Along the coast there are beaches, Wellness resorts, the town has a water Park.

A few kilometers from the reservoir, on the right Bank Or a place that takes us back to antiquity - it is a huge stone, which for centuries look at the sky the images of Buddha and Bodhisattvas. At mysterious rocks and you can see many surviving petroglyphs, late Buddhist inscriptions, images of deities, the meaning of which is necessary to unravel just about a thousand different rock drawings, which scholars have dated to the late middle ages.

For beginners and for lovers of active rest, of great interest is rafting on the river Or when you can meet the animals and the natural world on the floodplain. In the Bush is a vast array of birds, including unique. Attracted to the area and fishing enthusiasts. Perch, catfish, carp, white Amur, Chub, bream - all this can become a perfect prey for the angler.