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Cathedral of the blessed virgin Mary of Fatima

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Roman Catholic Cathedral of the blessed virgin Mary of Fatima is a Catholic Church located in the city of Karaganda. The initiator of construction of the Karaganda Cathedral was made by Bishop Jan Paul island. Local authorities have supported the Bishop and in may 2003, the day of commemoration of our lady of Fatima the blessed virgin Mary, was allocated for the construction of the Church land.

By the decision of the architects for a sample of the future temple was taken by the Cathedral in the German city of Cologne. Adaptation of the project to the Kazakhstan conditions were made by the architect Vladimir Georgievich Sergeev . In may 2003, cardinal Angelo Sodano, who arrived in Karaganda on invitation of Nursultan Nazarbayev, performed the rite of consecration of the territory and a cornerstone for the construction of the new Cathedral.

In 2004, the "society for the erection of the Cathedral of the Mother of all peoples", based in the village of Viktorsberg in Vorarlberg Mrs. Agnes Ritter, supported the construction of the Karaganda Cathedral. In the construction and furnishing of the temple, a significant contribution was made by the Bishop Athanasius Schneider.

The temple is made in the form of a Latin cross, that is its Central longitudinal nave is much longer than the transverse. The Cathedral is a building of Basilica type with three longitudinal naves - the Central and two lateral.

The Church was built of brick. The total height of the Cathedral is 22 meters, external length is 51 m and a width of about 31 m. the façade has two towers-the bell tower. The left tower is a set of 16 small bells, while the right one has a huge bell that was made in Austria and dedicated to the Holy Trinity.

In September 2012, the solemn consecration of the new Cathedral of our lady Fatima. The consecration was officiated by the cardinal Angelo Sodano.