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Cable car is one of the attractions of the city of Almaty, and also the most exciting and unusual method to climb the famous mount Kok-Tobe. In operation the cable car was introduced in November 1967, In real time after the carried-out reconstruction works in Almaty cableway meets all the necessary international standards of safety and quality.

Almaty cable car connects the city center and the mountain Kok-Tobe. The starting point is the station located in Dostyk Avenue (street Abai), behind the cinema "Arman". The total length of the tramway - 1727. m., journey time is 6 minutes. Maximum altitude cable car over the ground is 80 m, speed of 6.2 m per second. The height difference between the lower and upper stations is 250 m. the Upper station is located in the wonderful Kok-Tobe, which is a so-called "gate" to the realm of pure air, inexhaustible enthusiasm and warm hospitality.

Mount Kok-Tobe is one of the most beautiful places of Almaty. To climb the mountain by cable car, aerial tram - a pleasure. From the top of Kok-Tobe offers a striking view of the city and mountains. Especially the mesmerizing opening scene that night when the whole city and the road itself is covered with bright colored lights.

At the top of Kok-Tobe you can see the Fountain of desires, represented in the form of an Apple, visit a climbing wall, mini-zoo, the ride "Fast Coaster", an art gallery and souvenir shops, a teahouse, a restaurant "Yurt" and children's town. In 2007 the mountain was a monument dedicated to the legendary rock band "the Beatles", performed by the Almaty sculptor Eduard Kasarani.

The passenger seat is an amazing Almaty cableway every resident or visitor of the city of Almaty.