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Memorial Museum of Aliya Moldagulova

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Memorial Museum of Aliya Moldagulova is one of the cultural attractions of the city of Aktobe. Aliya Moldagulova - the brave and steadfast woman who gave their lives for freedom of their Motherland. In her honor, in almost all cities of the country erected monuments and named streets.

After graduating sniper school in July 1943 aliyah was sent to the northwestern front in the 4th battalion of the 54th infantry division. From 1943 to 1944 she took part in the battles for the liberation of several towns and villages of the Pskov region. January 14, 1944, during the assault on the village of Kazachiha Aliya Moldagulova was killed, having made the immortal feat.

The memorial Museum was opened in April 1985, on the eve of the 40-year anniversary of the great Victory in the great Patriotic War and 60-year anniversary of alia Moldagulova. At the Grand opening of the Museum was attended by all the representatives of the then leadership of the city of Aktobe and the region, military and veterans ' organizations, relatives and friends, commanders and fellow soldiers aliyah, pupils and students.

During the creation of the Museum was actively involved the formation of the exhibition and scientifically-auxiliary Fund of the Museum collection and the study of documents, materials about the life and heroism of A. Moldagulova, trips to places of military and personal life of the heroine, meetings and correspondence with her relatives and friends, teachers and classmates, fellow soldiers and commanders.

The Museum exposition tells visitors about the life of Aliya Moldagulova, her youth, military and frontline everyday life and most importantly about her unforgettable heroic exploits. In the walls of the memorial Museum houses approximately 8 thousand different items - letters, archival documents and materials, the Decree on awarding alia the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, relics of the war years, military clothing, military equipment, and much more. Among the exhibits collected a huge amount of documentary material, memoirs of fellow soldiers, books, articles, newspaper clippings.

Guides of the Museum of Aliya Moldagulova very tenderly and in great detail tell about the life and feat alia.