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Yamyshevskie gate

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Yamyshevskie gate - one of the first architectural constructions of the city Families have survived to the present day.

Fortification, a monument of architecture of XVIII century, was built of mountain limestone and brick in the shape of a huge arch with cornices of a simple drawing and a vaulted ceiling. The thickness of the walls of the arch was 2 m, and a depth of about 10 m at the Top of the wall was slightly rounded, thereby forming a small tunnel. The maximum height Yamyshevskie gate to 7.43 m length 7.27 m, width - 7.79 m.

Currently Yamyshev gates completely rebuilt and fortified the castle and the iron hinges. Near the gate, as many years ago, are guns.

Gates has an unusual history and difficult fate. Yamyshevskie gate - the only surviving part of the once formidable Semipalatinsk fortress built here in 1718, by order of Peter I. Originally the fortress was laid in another place, but regular spring flooding of the Irtysh river was forced to change the location of the fortress three times. Only in 1718, engineers and builders were able to find the safest place to build a fortress.

The fortress was situated on the higher right Bank of the river and was surrounded by a high wooden wall with ramparts and moats. For all time of its existence, the building was repeatedly rebuilt and strengthened. In 1773, the walls and gates were erected by the engineer - captain Andreev I..

Built Semipalatinsk fortress had three gates: Semipalatinsk, Yamyshevskie and Ust-Kamenogorsk. All gates to the present day preserved only some of It, but they suffered a hard life.

At the beginning of the first half of the XX century the fortress lost its military significance, but some parts of it, including Western Yamyshevskie gate, decided to keep as architectural monuments. However, with the advent of Soviet power, everything changed and in 1932 he raised the issue of the destruction Yamyshevskie gate. Fortunately, the gate was saved. But soon after, in 1941, the city Council again raises the issue of the demolition of the architectural monument. In may 1941 it was decided to repair and restore the gates. In this difficult time, and still managed to defend a landmark, but unfortunately not for long. Already in 1970 Yamyshev gates were a hindrance in the construction of the tunnel for the entrance to the railway. So the local authorities decided to transfer them to 40-50 m closer to the river Irtysh. First, the gate was demolished, and then built in a new place. The builders have retained their appearance, but it is not the same original historical monument.