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Turgen waterfall Bear

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One of the most popular sights around Almaty is Turgen known to Bear falls. Bear falls is part of the Turgen waterfalls, which were formed a tiny river Turgen.

Only the Turgen gorge with seven waterfalls, the most famous of which, of course, is the Bear waterfall. For tourists there are three waterfall - Rocky, Bear and Kairak. In Turgen gorge, you can find the "fountain of youth" and, according to legend, the soul of the one who drink from this source of crystal clear water, you will look younger.

Turgen waterfalls are located in the territory of national natural Park Ile-Alatau. The gorge shows visitors all its beauty and invites you to enjoy the amazing waterfalls, swim in hot springs, hike through Alpine and subalpine meadows, mixed and coniferous forests, to admire the crystal-clear lakes and springs. Scenic Turgen gorge has a depth of 44 km to the assy plateau.

The height of the drop Bear Turgen waterfall is about 30 m. decreasing the flow of water cuts through the overlying rocks of refreshing all around the small splash of water. Bear falls is not the highest and most impressive in the gorge. Its main feature is that it is located far from the road and therefore docken tourists and vacationers.

On the way to Turgen Bear falls you can also visit a unique ostrich farm.