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Aksai gorge

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Aksai gorge is one of the most picturesque places on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The gorge is part of the famous Ile-Alatau national Park. The total length of the Aksai gorge is 20 km, is the longest gorge of the Left Aksay.

In the gorge there is a huge amount of clean drinking water, as Aksai river originates from the Alpine glacial lakes. At first glance, Aksai gorge has no glaciers above the spruce belt are bare rocks and Alpine meadows. However, this observation is somewhat deceptive. Beyond the ridges, the tops of which are below the snow line, hid two high-mountain lakes and glaciers.

The lower part of the Aksai gorge completely overgrown deciduous trees and shrubs. The spruce forest belt located in a common TRANS-ili Alatau altitudes of 1600-2800 m Above are very powerful thickets of juniper.

Beautiful green meadows, abundance of water, rich mountain chernozems and a fairly good road which can pass cars, attracts the gorge a huge number of tourists. The main attractions of Aksay gorges, which make it even more famous are the monastery (monastic skete) and natural monument Akzhar landslide.

The monastery was founded in the first half of the twentieth century Near the monastery you can see the graves buried in 1921 the monks Seraphim and Theognost, who suffered for the faith during the repression of the Soviet regime.

The gorge is also a wonderful monument of nature - Akzharsky collapse. Natural monument was established in may 1887 as a result of strong Vernyi earthquake. Up to that time in the gorge Akzhar was a lake, which during the earthquake was completely overwhelmed, and Aksai gorge was bombarded with 60-foot layer of rocks over 2 km.