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Mosque Kyzyl-Zhar

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Mosque Kyzyl-Zhar is the Central mosque of the city of Petropavlovsk. From the Kazakh language, the name of the mosque translates to "Krasnyy Yar".

Built in the mid XIX and early XX century in Petropavlovsk the building of the two mosques is not consistent with their claims. That is why, according to numerous requests of local believers in the city, on crossing of streets may day, Mira and Karim Sutyushev in 2001 began the construction of a new mosque. Due to the shortage of funds the construction was delayed. And only in 2004 after the visit of the head of state of Saudi Arabia, the construction of the mosque was completed. Its construction was carried out with funding from the Saudi side and donated by the Muslims of Northern Kazakhstan.

The ceremonial opening of the mosque Kyzyl-Zhar took place in 2005 in the presence of the Grand mufti, Archbishop of Akmola region Laferia, mayor of, and on behalf of Muslims of the Asian part of Russia was attended by Anuarbek kazhy Students.

The three-storey building of the mosque at the base resembles an eight-pointed star. The main volume of the building is crowned with one large and four small hemispherical dome of bright blue color. The main dome has a height of 28 m and two minarets adorning the mosque - at 42 m. the Mosque can hold up to 1 thousand members.

On the first floor of the mosque are the offices of Imam and Naib Imam, the wedding hall, a room for ablutions, a dining room, a cloakroom and a garage. The second floor has a prayer hall for men (550 seats), and the third prayer hall for women (200 seats) and a library. One of the main features of the Peter and Paul mosque Kyzyl-Zhar is a wonderful crystal chandelier with a diameter of 5 m, which was custom-made.

Around the mosque Kyzyl-Zhar broken the green zone.