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The mosque named after Mashkhur Zhusup

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The mosque named after Mashkhur Zhusup is located in the Central Park of Pavlodar. The main entrances to the mosque are streets with especially high, and Kutuzov, Krivenko.

Construction began in 2000, a year Later, the magnificent mosque opened its doors for parishioners. The mosque bears the name of a highly educated religious man and an outstanding scientist-orientalist - Mashkhur Zhusup Kopeev.

The building of the mosque has a shape of eight-pointed stars, the height of the minarets is 63 meters, and the height of the dome with a Crescent - 54 m Dome of the mosque is made in the form of Shanyrak delicate sky-blue. The architectural ensemble of the mosque covers an area of 6 hectares.

Two floors of the main building of mosques and minarets built of brick, and the dome - metal construction. A real decoration of the main hall of the mosque is amazing crystal chandelier "Zumrad", made in Tashkent. The architecture of the mosque is very similar to open heart, fully open to peace and goodness.

On the first floor of the mosque houses the classrooms of the madrasa, a prayer hall for women, designed for 300 people, the wedding hall, a dining room with 300 seats with barns and facilities for washing, dressing, etc. the Second floor of the mosque include the prayer hall with a balcony, has a capacity of 1200 seats, a library, a Museum of Islamic culture, a video room, Lounges and offices. The main entrance to the building of the mosque leads to the second floor.

Pavlodar mosque named after Mashkhur Zhusup its grandeur and beauty is amazing. Today, she is a real gem and a landmark not only in Pavlodar, but also in the whole Kazakhstan.