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The Sports Complex "Medeu"

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One of the most picturesque sights of the city of Alma-ATA is located at an altitude of 1691 meters above sea level is mountainous ice complex "Medeu".

The roots of the history of the complex goes back to 1920, when an order was given for the establishment of the first resort areas in the tract Medeo. The name was given to this place, and remains to this day. In 1970, a decision was made on the construction of this place is a sports complex with artificial ice. In the complex there are a lot of sporting events and competitions.

Now "Medeu" is one of the largest sports complexes with artificial ice field area of 10.5 thousand square meters of Pure mountain water, which is used to fill the ice contribute to achieving the world records: for all time here in the speed skating was established over two hundred records in all distances for men and women. Therefore, this skating rink called "factory of records".

After reconstruction in 2000-ies the centre more convenient for visitors. For example, was built cable car is a quick and convenient way to get to your destination, as well as a unique opportunity to admire the beautiful view from the height of bird flight. The arena was equipped with a large scoreboard to 200 sq. m. Also in the "Medeu" hotel complex and a cafeteria where you can drink hot tea and relax.