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Museum complex "Residence of Abylay Khan"

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Museum complex "Residence of Abylay Khan", located in the Central part of Petropavlovsk, is one of the cultural attractions of the city. The Museum is dedicated to the prominent statesman in the history of the Kazakh state Abylay Khan (real name Abilmansur).

At the request of the Khan and with the permission of the tsarist government for his stay at the castle of St. Peter, in 1765, in the mountains of Mangistau, up the river Ishim, was built a wooden building, which housed the Khan's residence. Here were held all the important negotiations and resolved matters of state between the Russian Empire and the Kazakh khanate.

With the end of 1821 the residence of the Khan moved in a two-story stone building, where today is located the main building of the Museum.

In addition to the main building, the Museum complex also includes the building of Khan's office, guest house and bath. In 1982 the building of the Khan's residence was taken under state protection. In 2006 the building underwent a major restoration. The opening of the renovated Museum complex was held in August 2008 with the participation of the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. The exposition of the complex introduces visitors to the main events of the life and activity of Abylay Khan, as well as raising the viewer's sense of patriotism and devotion to his country.

The Museum exposition is presented in 4 halls. In the first room of the Museum contains materials about the childhood and youth of Abylay Khan. The second hall presents apartments of Abylay Khan, made in traditional Kazakh style. In the third room you can see the Central exhibit - the figure of Abylai-Khan, the Khan's men's and women's clothes, household items and weapons. The fourth room presents the materials which disclose Abylay Khan as a great statesman, a clever politician, a competent diplomat and a talented commander.

The Museum staff designed a beautiful complex tour programmes, the themes of which tell about the life of Abylay Khan, the traditions and culture of the Kazakh people.