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State historical and cultural reserve Museum of Abai

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State historical and cultural reserve - Museum of Abay is one of the cultural attractions of the Kazakh city of Semey. Opening of the Museum took place in 1940

This two-storey mansion has a very interesting history. Abay, in addition to hard creative work, special time devoted to public Affairs and engaged in charity. He was indifferent to the children, so it followed that they sought knowledge and helped them. One of those who helped Abay was Aniar Moldabella. Aniar studied in Russia, and after receiving a certificate of the attorney, decided to return to his home Semipalatinsk. The mansion in which he lived Aniar, have survived to the present day. Here, arriving in Semipalatinsk is also very often stayed famous poet.

A two-storey house had everything we needed in order to become a memorial Museum of Abay. In 1940 he was chosen as the object for the Museum. In 1945, in the area zhidebay, which is 180 km away from Semipalatinsk, was opened house-Museum as a branch of Semipalatinskiy literary-memorial Museum of Abay. In 1970, the Museum was reconstructed, the architectural appearance of the building has not changed. After some time, the necessity arose for a larger building for the Museum. As a result, the Museum moved in the former house of Russian merchants, brothers Ershevich.

On the eve of the 150th anniversary of Abay, the decision was made to slightly alter the overall appearance of the Museum. The Museum building is left in its former form, but it has become a part of a single architectural ensemble, which included the old administration building and a mosque with a madrassa of Ahmet Riza, where he studied the Abay.

Today, in addition to the Museum of the Museum-reserve also includes: the house-Museum of Abay Zhidebay Museum of Auezov in the village Barali Museum of K. Zhanataev mosque, sh. Abenov Museum in the village of Kunduz Museum "Alash - M. Auezov", A. Naimanbayev Museum in Makanchi village.

The Museum of Abai has more than 18 250 units. The Museum exposition is presented in 7 halls located in the building of XIX century, and 10 halls in the new building. Visitors have the opportunity to see original documents, ethnographic and archival materials, characterizing the era of Abay, his public activity.