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The Palace Of The Republic

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One of the main and the largest concert halls in Almaty city is the Palace of the Republic (originally called the Palace named after V. I. Lenin). The building is located at the intersection of Abai and Dostyk.

The Palace was built in 1970, in the reign of Dinmukhamed Kunaev. The architects of this project were V. alle, V. Kim, A. Sokolov, Yu. Ratushny, N. Ripinsky, L. Ukhobotov. The opening of the Palace was timed to the day of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of V. I. Lenin.

Volume-spatial composition of the building includes the areas of large area, which are freely under a single strong roof. Eight reinforced concrete piers provide support for the "tent" roof, and not reaching to the bottom of the roof wall cladding structures give the impression its floating in the air. Capacity for 3 thousand people.

The first reconstruction of the Palace was carried out in 2010 During these works was upgraded architectural appearance of the Palace buildings, applied environmentally friendly and energy-saving materials. However, the most important innovation was the emergence of the orchestra pit with three hoists and a special platform designed for storage of musical instruments.

To improve the quality of services provided in the Palace was provided for several new facilities: a conference hall with capacity of 50 people, recording Studio, beauty salon, audio kiosk and a flower shop. In addition, the building has been fully adapted for people with disabilities.

Today in Almaty Palace of Republic hosts concerts of stars of world level, and national conferences and congresses.