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Shymkent theater of Opera and ballet

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The regional theatre of Opera and ballet in Shymkent is one of the cultural attractions of the city. Since the opening of the theater took place recently, today he is the youngest theatre in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The founder and initiator of the construction of the theatre building was the former Vice Prime Minister Umirzak Shukeyev, who is famous for his love of music and fine arts.

In spring 2007, the city authorities issued a decision to open in the city of Shymkent, the regional theatre of Opera and ballet. While the theater building was erected, began the formation of the troupe, and the preparation of repertoire.

For theatre reconstructed Palace of youth, which is housed in the former Palace of engineering, built in 1984, the Renovation work was accelerated. In order to speed up the construction process, the theatre company directly on the site arranged a work concerts.

The building of the Opera and ballet theatre in Shymkent inside and outside made in Kazakh national style. The capacity of the concert hall is designed for 350 seats. Acoustic characteristics of the auditorium and lighting meet all the necessary requirements. In addition, the building includes rehearsal rooms, a café, a sports hall and offices.

In November 2008, the ceremonial opening of the theatre. The first performance, which the theatre presented to the audience in its own building was the Opera “Inzhu-Marzhan”. Currently in the repertoire of the Shymkent regional Opera and ballet theatre presented the Opera of national and world classics. In addition to classic works in the theatre constantly put children's productions, for example, "the snow Queen", "Aibolit" and others.