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The Cathedral Of STS. Peter and Paul

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Cathedral of saints Peter and Paul is one of the Orthodox churches in Petropavlovsk. The Cathedral is situated on hills in the Piedmont part of the city.

First Church of the Holy apostles Peter and Paul was founded in 1766 as a garrison Church the predecessor of the city - Peter and Paul fortress. It was a small wooden Church to the beginning of the XIX century, ceased to satisfy the needs of a growing city. Basically the Church was the military and employees of the garrison. The Church was visited by the Cossacks, who lived in the village, and the population of submontane and mountainous outskirts. Up to 1815, fortified the Church of the apostles Peter and Paul was the only one in town.

By 1841 this Church was built a new stone Cathedral, its construction began in 1836 consecration of the most beautiful buildings of the city took place in January 1842 In 1938 the Cathedral was closed and its property looted. During the great Patriotic war, the former premises of the temple were used as workshops and warehouses.

Church badly dilapidated and was partly destroyed. Active participation in the rebuilding of the temple was made by the parishioners. In the summer of 1947, due to the force of believers in the Church have been repaired. Final restoration of the temple was completed in 1952

From 2006 to 2011 in the Cathedral of the Holy apostles Peter and Paul underwent extensive exterior renovation, which has completely replaced plaster, and the main building of the temple and the bell tower was reconstructed cupolas and crosses. By 2012, the whole territory of the Cathedral was paved with paving slabs.

Today the restored building of the Cathedral of the Holy apostles Peter and Paul is a real decoration of the city of Petropavlovsk.