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Regional biological center and the zoo

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Regional biological center is one of the main attractions of the city. The establishment of out-of-school environmental profile was reorganized in 1991 on the basis of station of young naturalists. During this time biological center turned into the only in Kazakhstan, an institution that combines teaching, small arboretum and a small Zoological Park.

To date, biological centre of Semey, the only one in the field of specialized training unit, critical environmental and biological education of pupils and students, environmental work.

Of special interest is the arboretum is a small area, which presents the flora of the region, and many other plants from different parts of the globe. In the biological centre presented exhibitions of ikebana and other Souvenirs from natural materials, made by teachers and students, affecting its elegance and splendor, and the exhibits are sold out instantly.

Unique in its structure is the zoo, created on the basis of the area of the Zoological station of young naturalists, where you are going in need of assistance animals. In the Zoological Park contains about 50 species that represent not only the fauna of Kazakhstan and the Semipalatinsk region, but also in other continents such as Asia, North America, Africa. Among animals there are species found only in zoos, listed in the Red book. For the maintenance and conservation of endangered species in 1996, biological centre was recorded in the international collection for the preservation of Zoological collections. Staff of regional biological center made many efforts to create an animal more comfortable conditions similar to natural.

Each year about 20 thousand teachers, students students, parents and representatives of environmental authorities to attend lectures and participate in various educational and themed tours.