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Central Park of culture and rest

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One of the favorite places of recreation for residents of the city is the Central Park of culture and rest. The main entrance to the Park is the valley of the river Buka.

The history of the Park began in 1935 with the construction of the reservoir, landscaping and sanitary cleaning of the territory, the creation of a woodland area. Already by 1941 was laid an array of poplar, birch grove, filled the reservoir with sluices with a total area of 4 hectares, a coast. The opening of the Park took place in 1946, after the end of world war II.

Central Park is a huge number of trees, several fountains, playgrounds with rides, Park café. In addition, the Park has a concert area, summer stage, sports club and restaurant. The first thing that catches the eyes of visitors of this wonderful Park is a cascade, which is a huge fountain with a walkway, a small fountain. In addition, there is a lake with an island where you can swim in the boat, a catamaran or a boat. One of the highlights of Karaganda of the Park are still preserved children's complex with the Soviet roundabouts, which still evoke nostalgia among adults who lived in the Soviet Union.

In 2011, local authorities announced a competition to develop a new Park project. Design ended in 2012 after a year in the Central Park of culture and rest of Karaganda city began reconstruction work of the first phase - namely, the alteration of the promenade and the Central alley of the Park. Then the Park was restored pedestrian-path network, built a fountain and a pier.

Currently, Karaganda Central Park of culture and rest is the perfect resting place for local residents and for visitors to the city, regardless of age category.