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Ecopark (left complex) in the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk - object, which is part of the natural landscape and the architectural and ethnographic Museum-reserve. The history of the development of the Museum began in 2002, when he was on the Left Bank were transferred to the training center with an area of about 6.7 ha. four years later, the Museum gave additional 27 hectares of land. The Museum's Director at that time was N. Birds with one stone.

The left Bank starts with a terraced garden, one of the most interesting styles of landscape, whose face is completely dependent on the local topography. The plants are placed depending on the direction of the slope and its steepness. Due to the steep and deep terrain managed to create an outdoor concert hall, the final beautiful terraced garden.

The creators of Botanical zones tend in detail to explore all the features of acclimatization of these plants. Exposition-walking area consists of the arboretum, plots, floral arrangements, consisting of entire collections of plants. For example, in the Botanical garden were planted 2000 tulips, roses 1500, 170 pine trees more than 200 roots of peonies, about 500 bushes of iris, 50 bushes of Japanese quince, 600 - daylilies, over 100 Apple trees and so on.

Below there are two exhibition pavilions with area of 800 sq m and 160 sq. m. the main purpose of which are the temporary exhibitions, so you can see all the uniqueness and diversity of the arts of East Kazakhstan region. To the exhibition pavilions is adjacent to Avenue of monuments of the Soviet era. Monuments, previously located in different cities of Eastern Kazakhstan, at the time, was dismantled. Today they have found a "second life" here on the Avenue of monuments.

Going further you can get on the alley of classical music, where there are busts of famous Kazakhstan, Russian and European composers. Ends of this alley antique portico with a stage where performances of various musical bands and individual performers. On the right side of the alley is a monument to the soldier-liberator, and along the alley with military equipment. On the left side of the alley with military equipment there are picturesque gardens, Japanese and Islamic styles.

In addition, near the territory of eco-Park is an ethnic village, the zoo, children's Playground and a boat station.