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The zoo is located in the Eastern part of Almaty, at the foot of North mountain slope, over a large area of the Park. The main task of the Almaty zoo is the preservation and reproduction in vitro of the gene pool of wild animals by domestic and foreign fauna, as well as familiarity of the population with biology, a wide display of collections of wild species of animals and more.

Almaty zoo is one of the oldest zoos in Kazakhstan, which is decorated accordingly in traditional design. The history of the zoo began in January 1935, when the Council of people's Commissars of the Kazakh SSR it was decided to create the Alma-ATA zoo. The choice of location for the first in the Republic of the Zoological Park and its creation involved Murnahan tolebayev. Officially, the zoo was founded in 1937

The zoo's total area is 32 hectares To 13 hectares are cages and aviaries, and 19 ha of ponds designed for waterfowl birds. All animals are accommodated in seven sections: hoofed mammals, carnivorous mammals, primates, exotic birds, birds of prey, aquarium and terrarium.

The collection of the Almaty zoo consists of 500 species and 4,000 specimens of various animals, of which 77 species were listed in the Red book of the CIS. Among the inhabitants of the Zoological Park to see the Asiatic elephant, giraffe, red wolf, white lion, plenty of primates and other animals.

Particularly popular among visitors to the pavilion "Marine aquarium", which displays many of the aquatic fauna of our planet - amphibians, fish, crustaceans and molluscs. In addition to popular types there are rare, and it is amazing company-harlequin, Thai snakehead Asian snakehead, Internet, the Japanese fish.

To date, the Almaty zoo is one of the most favorite places of local residents and visitors alike.