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The Iveron-St. Seraphim nunnery

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The Iveron-St. Seraphim nunnery was founded in December 1908, the decree of the Holy Synod. It was originally a women's community at all saints Church near the city cemetery in Tashkent alley. First abbess of the monastery was appointed who came from Stavropol Ioanno-Mariinsky convent nun Nectarius. After some time, from Moscow to the city Faithful have taken a copy of the Holy wonderworking icon of the Mother of God of Iveron.

By the early summer of 1909 the monastery, there were 80 inmates. In 1910 the community, on the petition of the Bishop of Turkestan Dmitry was converted into a convent. From September 1918 the monastery existed on the situation of the commune.

One of the first victims of the Bolsheviks in the convent was the nun Evdokia, which was shot in September 1918, In the future, the monastery continued to exist, but in an irregular situation. In March 1921 the monastery was closed. The nuns fled, many were killed.

In 2003 by decision of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church of the Iveron-St. Seraphim convent in Almaty gradually began to revive. In 2005, the abbess of the monastery was abbess Love (Yakushkina). Thanks to the efforts of mother abbess and sisters, and with the help of benefactors, the monastery was beautified and enclosed with a fence. Soon there was built the monastery churches - St. Sophia Cathedral and the Church of the blessed Matrona of Moscow, the chapel of St. Seraphim of Sarov and the chapel over the well, built in secret, and the administrative building.

The Iveron-St. Seraphim nunnery in the city of Almaty is one of the most important spiritual centers of the city, which has active educational and charitable activities. When the monastery has children's and adult Sunday school.