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Bath and recreation complex "Arasan"

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Bath and recreation complex "Arasan" - the most famous and popular in the city. The complex consists of three different sectors: the Russian bath where the temperature reaches 100 °C, and humidity up to 70 %; the Finnish sauna with a temperature of 90-120 °C with low humidity in the 3-15 % and the Eastern bathhouse, which recreated the real atmosphere of the Hamam stone-beds, where the temperature from 40 °C to 100 °C.

In addition, in "Arasan" has recently opened a Japanese bathhouse, and you can order private room with private bath. Relax after the bath will help stay in the room with a soft bed, TV. Some Deluxe rooms are equipped with hot thermal springs.

The customer service of the bath complex "Arasan" in Almaty are the baths, a shower pavilion, a children's Department, wooden steam rooms, spacious locker room, wash and shower compartments, a huge pool, a large lounge with comfortable beds.

Complex impresses with its uniqueness, beauty and splendor. The building complex was built in 1979-1982, and from that time continued to win the hearts of locals and guests of the southern capital. Sponsors of the project were architects - W. Hwang, M. Ospanov, as well as design - V. K. tolebayev and Kicelew.

In the technology of construction were used the latest methods of maintenance of the bath complexes of the southern Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Hungary. "Arasan" is a complex plan, a five-storey building with two basement floors. Structurally the building of the bath complex consists of twelve functionally different pavilions. One large and five small domes cover the main halls. Due to the curvature of the steam condensate dripping from the ceiling, thus setting heat and humidity conditions.

Since 1984 the building is an architectural monument of national importance.