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Schoolchildren's Palace

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Schoolchildren's Palace is one of the symbols of Almaty city. The opening of the Palace took place in 1983, the Architects of this project were T. Abildayev, V. Kim, and A. Zuev. Dynamic forms of this amazing Palace, which is built on the backdrop of the foothills of Zailiyskiy Alatau, successfully completed one of the most beautiful urban ensembles.

The center of the composition became a hall crowned with a dome, which adjoins the all groups of the Palace's rooms. To the left of the dome is a 40-meter-tall tower Observatory, which was used Balkhash and Kordai granite, limestone, Mangistau, metal and wood. The spacious grounds and alleys in front of the Palace building provide an excellent opportunity to conduct mass events in the open air. In General, the Palace is designed for 2200 students. The Palace now houses the auditorium (800 seats), a room for different clubs, gyms, swimming pool and other necessary facilities.

In the Palace of schoolchildren has about 80 groups of different areas: artistic, scientific, technical, environmental, arts and crafts and sports sections. In addition, the Palace offers an Internet centre, where students can undergo training in computer literacy and the basics of the development of the Internet.

In June 2014 by order of the akimat of Almaty city at the Palace of schoolchildren for all time of its existence was first renovated, which ended in September 2015.

In addition to classes, engage in different circles in the Palace plans to open a large concert hall for 790 seats, and the administration is planning to renovate the famous Observatory and to buy a new telescope for scientific research. Only in Almaty schoolchildren's Palace will be able to do more than 5 thousand students.