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The Palace of sports. N. Abdirova

Photos and description

Sports Palace of a name of N. Abdirov in Karaganda - high, multi-dimensional structure, which is a monument of architecture of local value. The building of the sports Palace located in the Central part of the city on the Avenue to Bukhar Zhyrau. The Palace was built in 1958, and the author of this amazing project made by famous talented architect I. I. Raikin. The complex bears the name of the Soviet pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union, the Sergeant Nurken Abdirov.

The three-story building with its main facade closes the perspective of the rent. The sports Palace is not only large sports facilities, but also urban element, it plays an important role in the design of one of the main squares of the city.

The building of the Karaganda sports Palace is made in a rather simple monumental forms. Its Central facade is decorated with ornamental mosaics made from ceramic tiles. With the second floor lobby is connected staircase. On the second floor of the sports Palace is a hall of events, which is lit by a huge metal stained glass Windows. The upper part of the columns and the ceiling of the hall decorated with carved ornament. The Palace was built of brick and frequently used finish - terrazitovoj plaster.

The main feature of the Palace of sports of a name of N. Abdirov is a pool, which today is considered the largest pool in the city.

Karaganda sports Palace of a name of N. Abdirov is a great choice for swimming lessons. Here are both individual and group swimming lessons with children under the guidance of experienced instructors. Before bathing and after each visitor has the opportunity to take a shower, for that in the Palace there are special shower cubicles.

Under the roof of the Palace held various Championships in swimming, tournaments, exhibitions and fairs.