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Estate merchant Valita G

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Estate merchant Valita G - a monument of history and culture of the city of Petropavlovsk, was built in the late XIX - early XX century Manor house has a very interesting and at the same time sad story.

According to legend, the merchant of Jangurazov went to St. Petersburg to solve their trading business. During his stay there he fell in love with one of the capital's beauty and immediately offered her heart and hand. The girl accepted the offer of the merchant, but with one condition. She asked Valita G to build in the steppe the same house in which she lives in St. Petersburg. The merchant kept his promise. For the construction of a home specially invited Italian masters. Fiancee moved to Petropavlovsk, but the wedding never took place. According to one version, a couple of days before the wedding of Jangurazov died. The house he built, called the "bride's House".

Two-storey house has a U-shaped form. The architecture of the building quite unique and interesting. It is well visible elements of the late Baroque and art Nouveau. The special rigor of the building gives a symmetrical composition of the main façade. The edges are kind of pillars with an arch, a dome and a spire in the center. On the second floor of the house has beautiful carved doors and colorful ceilings.

The first floor of the house of the merchant is made of brick and the second of wood. The eaves of the house cut a huge number of elements of vegetable ornament. The facade and the interior of the building is embellished with decorative moldings. However, the biggest attraction of the house are two fireplaces located in the side rooms.

In the first years of Soviet power the estate was transferred under the administrative building of the Peter and Paul Council of deputies. In the 20-ies here was the headquarters of the special forces. In the 60s, the building housed the region financial Department, and after the state insurance.