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The Mausoleum Of Karakhan

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The Karakhan mausoleum - architectural monument, located in the Central part of the city of Taraz at the intersection of two streets - Baizak Batyr and Tole bi. The mausoleum is a part of religious memorial complex, formed on the territory of the medieval settlement.

The architectural structure was built in XI century over the grave of one of the first khans of the dynasty of Karakhanids. According to popular legend, the construction of the mausoleum is connected with the person who has erected mausoleums, Babja-Khatun and Aisha-Bibi. His name is still unknown, but we know that he was Khan of the Karakhanid dynasty, the local rulers X - XII century.

Today, there are many legends about Karahan, most of which are associated Batyr with the young beauty of Isoi, the mausoleum which is located 20 km from Taraz, in the village of Aisha-Bibi. The story of their true love and the girl's death from a snake bite does not leave anyone indifferent.

Square in plan, portal-dome mausoleum of Karakhan consists of a Central hall, where is a tomb, and three corner spaces (rooms-hujras), the fourth corner is occupied by a staircase that leads to the roof of the mausoleum. The facade of the building facing South. The entrance is in the depth of the arch, the sides of which are three niches: arched, rectangular and square shapes.

In 1906, the mausoleum was rebuilt several structural principle was retained, but the initial architectural decoration has changed a lot. Inside the mausoleum you can see extant stepped gravestone. Currently, the outer part of the walls of the mausoleum of Karakhan is lined with modern brick, and the interior (dome and arched niches) built of brick of Karakhanid era.

In 1982 the mausoleum of Karakhan was added to the list of historical and cultural monuments of the Kazakh SSR of national significance. In 2002, on the eve of the 2000 anniversary of Taraz city was held the last restoration of the mausoleum.