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Monument "The Beatles"

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The monument to the famous British group "the Beatles" is one of the iconic sights of the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty city. This famous English rock band was the idol not only of all young people in the 60-70 years of the twentieth century, but also has many fans in our days.

A monument in may 2007 in the city Park, located on mount Kok-Tobe. To create a monument to non-profit charitable Foundation Seimar has allocated a special grant. Competition Commission considered a number of proposals, whereby the winner is announced well-known Almaty sculptor Eduard Kazaryan. At the same time, representatives of the Fund Seimar permission for the creation of sculpture from copyright holders directly brand the Beatles - Apple Corp. and the mayor of the city of Liverpool. Also consent gave themselves iconic musicians Paul McCartney and Ringo star.

In his sculpture in bronze Eduard Ghazaryan has recreated the original composition, in the center of which is sitting on a bench playing the guitar John Lennon, and other members of the group - Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison.

Shop the Beatles very visited, not only by the guests of the Kazakh capital, but also the locals. Many people want to be photographed next to the sculptures of the famous musicians or just sit on the bench with Lennon. Of the many speakers of the Park you can often hear the most popular hits of the "fab four".