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The Complex "Khan Shatyr"

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The complex "Khan Shatyr" in Astana is not only one of the symbols of the Kazakh capital, but also the biggest tent in the world. "Khan Shatyr" - the first and only lifestyle center in the city, uniting under one roof shopping and world class entertainment. The total area of this large shopping center is 127 thousand square meters and a height of 150 m. From the Kazakh language the name translates as "Tent of the Khan". The architect of this building is a well-known architect Norman foster.

The long-awaited opening of the shopping center took place in July 2010 and was timed to the day of celebration of day of Astana with participation of President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. The opening ceremony took place the concert of the world famous artist, Italian tenor classical music A. Bocelli.

In "Khan Shatyr" is located entertainment, retail and shopping malls including supermarket, cinemas, cafes, restaurants, family Park, gymnasiums, water Park and pools with effect of waves, different offices and office space, Parking, and more. The main highlight of Khan Shatyr is considered a beach resort with a tropical climate and plants. The sandy beaches of the resort are equipped with modern heating system that allows you to create the feeling of the beach.

The shopping center in the form of a huge transparent tent is constructed from a network of steel cables. Due to the special chemical composition of the tent protects the interior of the shopping complex against sudden temperature changes and creates within the comfortable climate.

According to Forbes magazine Style shopping center "Khan Shatyr" is in the top ten world eco-building.