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North-Kazakhstan regional historical Museum

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North Kazakhstan regional historical Museum is one of museums in Petropavlovsk. It is located in the city centre, occupying several buildings that are monuments of architecture, built in the NINETEENTH century the Main building of the Museum occupies a house that once belonged to the businessman T. L. Arkel. As for the other buildings, namely the administrative building of the Museum, the library and the storage facility, they are housed in a former shop and warehouse previously owned by the merchant Strelow.

The founding date of the North Kazakhstan regional local history Museum is the 1924 the Total area of the Museum complex reaches 2400 square meters and exhibiting area - 2000 sq. m. the exposition of the Museum is 13 rooms. It was built on the principle of historical periodization, from ancient times to the present day. Currently the Museum has about 350 thousand exhibits.

Visitors to the Museum have the opportunity to get acquainted with the materials found during archaeological research in Northern Kazakhstan, and also to see the unique exhibits related to the ancient history of the region.

A special place in the Museum is the exhibition dedicated to the history of statehood of Kazakhstan and Ethnography of the Kazakh people, as well as the exhibition, which reflects the development of the Republic in the years of independence. The latter is represented in three halls - "Kazakhstan in the period of independence", "Kazakh-Russian relations and the North-Kazakhstan oblast in the period of independence".

The staff of the North Kazakhstan regional local history Museum conducted survey and thematic excursions in Kazakh and Russian languages.