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The Museum of arts. A. Kasteev

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Museum of art named after A. Kasteev is the largest art Museum in the Republic of Kazakhstan, a world-renowned scientific-research and cultural-educational center in the field of art.

To date, the main Fund of the State Museum of art has more than 23 thousand exhibits. The main part of the collection presented by fine and applied art of Kazakhstan. A collection of works from Western Europe consists of paintings of the XVI-XIX century Germany, Italy, France, England, Flanders, Holland and Austria. In the Museum you can also see a unique collection of fine arts of Russia, the Soviet era and the countries of the East. The real pride of the Museum is a unique collection of Kazakh folk applied art.

State Museum of arts named after A. Kasteev was founded in 1976 based on the collection of the Kazakh state art gallery to them. T. Shevchenko and national Museum of applied arts. For the Museum was provided with its own building, built on the banks of the river Esentai. The authors of this project made by the architects O. Naumova, E. Kuznetsova, B. Novikov, and designers B. tsigelman generally Z. Sukhanova, and M. Kucharska. In 1984 the Museum was named after the famous Kazakh artist Abylkhan Kasteyev.

The permanent exhibition of the Museum of art exhibited the best exhibits from all the collections. The Museum opened a Small Academy of arts. In addition, the Museum of arts named after A. Kasteev been working hard in different directions. The main ones are: the acquisition of funds, study the history of Kazakh and foreign art, restoration of works of art and much more.

The Museum regularly organizes temporary exhibitions from near and far abroad, and hosts international conferences.