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Palace of culture of miners

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One of the main symbols of the Kazakh city of Karaganda is the amazing Palace of culture of miners located on the Avenue of Bukhar Zhyrau. The construction of this magnificent Palace started in 1940 by the Authors of this project were local architects I. Brenner and J. Janos. However, with the outbreak of hostilities the construction of the Palace of culture of miners had to be temporarily suspended. At the end of 1950 the Central part of the Palace was enacted. Fully in operation, the institution was introduced only in 1952.

Karaganda Palace of culture of miners is a symmetrical composition, consisting of three volumes. As for the volume, it consists of a theater complex that includes an auditorium that can accommodate 1000 seats, the lobby, the upper and lower lobby, upper and lower side corridors.

The architecture of the building significantly influenced the progressive elements of Kazakh folk art. The main facade of the Palace presents a three-axis symmetrical. The Central part of the Palace of culture has a powerful six-column portico, which consists of octagonal columns, attached to remote from the main wall of the pylons. The pylons are connected with the walls laced gancheva graceful pointed arches. The entablature of the portico is crowned by six sculptures: a miner, a Builder, a farm girl with a sheaf, shepherd with lamb, bard with the lute and the warrior.

The building of the Palace of culture of miners decorated with colored stone plaster, and the pylons and basement faced with granite. Cash lobby and lower lobby separated openwork stucco wall decorated with silhouettes of dancers.

Marble staircases with bronze railings, white walls, artificial marble, painted domes, beautiful and comfortable furniture, crystal chandeliers, paintings, carpets and bronze sculptural group is simply astonishing. The ceiling painting was carried out by highly professional artists, the Moscow Association of artists.