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The Theater "Astana Opera"

Photos and description

Astana Opera house is the state theatre of Opera and ballet located in the city of Astana, Kunayev street on the left Bank of the river Ishim. The theatre was founded by order of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev at the 2013 Astana Opera house is simply amazing with its magnificence and architectural m technical capabilities is not inferior to other famous Opera theaters of the world.

The institution is spread over almost 9 hectares, the Total area of the building is 64 thousand square meters, of which about 3 thousand square meters is the stage area. Astana theatre is impressive not only for its size but also its architectural appearance. It is built according to the best classical traditions of world architecture, with its architecture emphasize the Kazakh national character.

The main entrance to the theatre is decorated with the composition "the Girl with Zhetygen" and "Copyist" sculptors yermekova and Mansurov. Mounted at the theatre building, the Quadriga is the way of the Saki Queen Tomiris, the management of the chariot.

All areas of the theater, including and minor (rehearsal rooms, backstage, workshops) meet international standards. Auditoriums, lobby, foyer and the main stage is made in the style of high classicism. The capacity of the Central hall of "Astana Opera" theatre is 1,250 people.

Next to the main stage are backstage and two side pockets. The scenery is collected in the huge backstage area, where their pre-assembled. The area of the stage, you can use it to simultaneously several ready-made sets.

The orchestra pit can accommodate 120 musicians. Chamber hall for 250 persons. It hosts chamber music concerts, performances of various ensembles, small chamber orchestra and chamber choir. Unique sound effects in all the halls of the state theatre was achieved by the work of leading experts from Italy and Germany.

The theater "Astana Opera" has children's theatre Studio.